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About Kevin McKinley

Kevin McKinley bought his first share of stock at the age of 14, and began working for an investment firm at 17. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in economics and history in 1988, he became one of the youngest licensed financial advisors in the country. He is now the owner of McKinley Money LLC, a registered investment advisor with offices in Eau Claire and Madison, Wisconsin that provides fee-based financial planning and investment advice to individuals and families.

In 2002 Simon & Schuster published Kevin’s book Make Your Kid a Millionaire—11 Easy Ways Anyone Can Secure a Child’s Financial Future. The book became one of America’s best-selling money books for parents, and is the most comprehensive source of strategies that can provide financial security to children and grandchildren. For some reason, it was recently reprinted in Chinese.

Kevin also writes a weekly newspaper column, and in 2005 he was named to the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy. Each month his column on family financial planning appears in Registered Rep magazine, the leading trade publication for financial advisors. Kevin’s investment expertise has been featured on CNN, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, the USA Today, and magazines such as Money, Parenting, and Smart Money. He has also been a columnist for the Money magazine website.

He also speaks to the general public and financial advisors on topics such as saving for retirement, college, and family financial planning.

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