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The Best Ways to Use Your Home Equity

With mortgage interest rates rising for the first time in a long time, it’s a good time for homeowners to consider the various ways they can borrow against their home equity for various needs. Here’s how mortgages, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit work, and the best reasons to use each type of loan. Read More...

Estate Planning

Whether it’s a friend, family member, co-worker, or celebrity, when someone you know or know of dies suddenly and too soon, a natural eventual reaction is to consider what might happen if you were to suffer a similar fate. Read More...

Home Equity Loans and HELOCs

We return from a well-deserved break with a continuation of our discussion on mortgages. As you no doubt remember, with interest rates low, valuations picking up, and lenders getting friendlier, there hasn’t been a better time to get a new mortgage in the past several years.

But not every homeowner needs, wants, or can qualify for a new mortgage. So here are some alternative ways to tap your home equity for special expenditures, or just in case.


What Kind Of Mortgage Is Best For You

With mortgage interest rates low, home values rising, and lenders more friendly to borrowers than they’ve been awhile, now might be a good time to get a new mortgage, or refinance the one you already have.

Although your situation may differ, most of the time there are a few simple rules to use in deciding what loan terms are the most favorable to you.


Reasons You May Need a New Mortgage

Now that you’ve (hopefully) finished and filed your income tax returns, it’s time we turn to another step that may involve lots of paperwork, confusion, and potential stress: getting a new mortgage.

However, all the work involved in getting that mortgage can provide a much bigger payoff than any tax refund you have ever received.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider getting a new mortgage, even if you’re not buying a new house.