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This Week: March 15th, 2016

On this week’s episode we expressed our gratitude for the many generous listeners who donated during our previous membership drive. On February 23rd over 750 On Your Money listeners pledged in one hour—a record for Wisconsin Public Radio. Another couple hundred people pledged during the rebroadcasts on Tuesday evening and Sunday morning, meaning we raised almost $45,000 from over 950 members. Thank you so much!!!!

As part of our appreciation for your efforts, we devoted this week’s entire show to answering your questions. We covered a dozen different topics on hanging on to a house after a divorce, saving for retirement,  at-work Roth retirement plans,

Some of the websites we mentioned:

That's all for now. Send your questions and comments to [email protected], contact me directly at [email protected], or use our online contact form. Until next time...

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Kevin McKinley

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